Why Choose U-TelAuditors
01 Recover and reduce between 10% – 35% or more from billing costs.
02 Risk free Audit With no up front costs. If we cannot reduce your costs, we do not get paid!
03 Getting started only takes minutes and with minimal questions to your staff.
04 We can negotiate a better package for your company even if you are presently under contract with your provider.
U-TelAuditors Services
Electric and Gas Audit Services  Odds are you are paying more than you are required to for your essential utilities. It is extremely likely that you may be eligible for an improved rate with your present Electric and Gas providers but they have not informed you about all your alternative choices.You may possibly even be owed a reimbursement based on overcharges from the past.With electric cost on a steady increase ! and most experts forecasting to yet higher price hikes, your costly monthly bills are expected to soar.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able to decipher their invoices and must depend on the integrity of their provider to be calculating their expenses accurately.

U-tel Auditors team of energy consultants will conduct a comprehensive electric bill usage and rate analysis.

Our thorough knowledge of utility rates tariffs, regulations, billing procedures contract negotiations and related technologies.

Time all this is done with a limited commitment on your part.

Water and Sewage Audit Services

Being charged too much on your Water and Sewage bill is not unusual. We are able help you recover every over payment and make certain that your future Water and Sewage billing is accurate.U-TelAuditors will identify any upgrades you may be entitled to obtain.

Estimated Bills

By definition, estimates are not accurate. Estimated bills occur when the DEP estimates water consumption based on past actual reads. U-TelAuditors can correct inaccurate estimates

Broken Meters

A faulty meter can generate inaccurate readings, resulting in abnormally high water bills. U-TelAuditors can verify readings and check the accuracy of meters.

Frontage Billing

You may be billed for lines or fixtures you do not own. U-TelAuditors can obtain refunds for errors in frontage billing.

Overlapping Billing

Dates on your billing cycle may overlap so that you are paying double for some water use. U-TelAuditors can catch and correct this.


Who uses our services?

Hotels and CondosHotels Motels & Resorts

Non-Profit Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations
Sports Arenas
Sports Arenas
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Hospitals & Assisted living facilities
Government offices
Government offices
Religious institutions

We can do an audit anywhere in the USA