Electric Audits

In today’s world everyone depends on electricity. You depend on your utility provider to assure that you have it so that your business can function. It must be measured in a manner that allows for the provider to bill you for your exact usage – and they structure rate programs that provide you will a number of options on how you’re billed. But who set you up on the plan? Who double checks to be sure there is no better option? And who can understand the line items and mathematical calculations required to figure it all out? When you get your bill each month, you pay it because it just “is what it is” and it’s “a cost of doing business”, right?


Some 70% of business utility bills contain errors.* The rate program, tax and tariff structure, and demand profile that you are on all determine what your bill ultimately works out to be. A minute error of just $5 a day can add up to add up over the course of months and years to what can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s where we come in.

U-Tel Auditor’s team of experts will perform a thorough investigation of the key components that your bill is comprised of. Areas of opportunity are identified, adjustments are made and the result is that you save money every month, and in many cases, get a substantial refund from your provider.

The easiest way to make more money is to cut costs.  Contact U-Tel Auditors for a no-cost review of your existing utility contracts and services today.