Manufacturing and Agricultural

Utility expenses in Manufacturing often represent a major cost center for operations.  Being sure that you operate on the most efficient rate, tax and tariff structure for utility billing can represent thousands of dollars a month in savingsor in losses– if you are not set up correctly.  Deregulation has also exposed manufacturers to both opportunity and challenges in choosing the right strategy for the supply of energy and services.

U-Tel Auditors has represented single location manufacturers as well as Fortune 500 companies having as many as 400 locations in finding ways to reduce costs.

The audit process results in expense reduction by finding and correcting errors or through the procurement of less expensive energy and services.  Our extensive relationships with utility and service providers and suppliers nationwide make us the best choice to audit your expenses and create efficiency for your manufacturing operation.  Our strategy is simple: find and fix errors, secure the best energy and service pricing and organize utility management.

The team of experts at U-Tel will assist you in lowering costs for your facilities electric, gas, telecommunications, waste, shipping (UPS and FedEx) and even worker’s compensation insurance premiums.   We are a virtual one-stop shop to assist you in lowering your costs across the board – and most importantly – directly improving your bottom line.

The easiest way to make more money is to cut costs.  Contact U-Tel Auditors for a no-cost review of your existing utility contracts and services today.


Electric Audits for Manufacturing and Agriculture

In today’s world everyone depends on electricity. You depend on your utility provider to assure that you have it so that your business can function. It must be measured in a manner that allows for the provider to bill you for your exact usage – and they structure rate programs that provide you with a number of options on how you’re billed. But who set you up on the plan? Who double checks to be sure there is no better option? And who can understand the line items and mathematical calculations required to figure it all out? When you get your bill each month, you pay it because, “is what it is” and it’s “the cost of doing business”, right?


That’s where we come in.

U-Tel Auditor’s team of experts will perform a thorough investigation of the key components that your bill is comprised of. Areas of opportunity are identified, adjustments are made and the result is that you save money every month, and in many cases, get a substantial refund from your provider.

Gas Audits for Manufacturing and Agriculture

Natural gas is a versatile energy that businesses depend on for a variety of reasons. Whether it is used for heating, cooking, medical purposes or as an integral part of the manufacturing process, natural gas plays an important role in all business operations. Similar to electricity, gas must be quantified in a manner that allows for the provider to bill you for your exact usage – and there are rate programs that can be more or less beneficial for your facility depending upon the volume that you require. Has your business grown? Has the nature of your operation changed? Who exactly put you on the plan you are on to begin with? With so many variables, it is difficult to know if you are taking advantage of the best possible program, billing structure and incentives available to your business.

Electric & Gas Procurement Audits for Manufacturing and Agriculture

U-Tel can assist companies of all sizes in better understanding the deregulated energy markets and how their business can take advantage of lower and/or fixed energy supply costs. In addition to consulting in this capacity, U-Tel performs detailed billing audits on current energy bills to identify errors on the present bills. U-Tel will then analyze contract options for electric and gas supply where these opportunities are available. The net benefit of both measures typically results in a significant reduction of energy costs and even a possible refund to the business.

Telecom Audits for Manufacturing and Agriculture

Communication is the lifeline of a business. Whether a simple copper landline, a VoIP phone system, cellular service, basic internet, TV access or otherwise, Telecom keeps you connected. For that reason, it also keeps you paying! However, advances in the latest technology, simplification and consolidation of services and billing have created a world of opportunity and ways for you to drastically reduce your Telecom costs.

Waste Audits & Procurement for Manufacturing and Agriculture

Every company produces waste, but most owners and business managers do not understand how the types of waste that they produce cost, or can save, their business money. That’s right – intelligently structuring your waste removal services can result in a dramatic savings on your disposal costs.

Shipping Audits – UPS and FedEx for Manufacturing and Agriculture

Shipping is a vital cost center for business in many industries. Whether it involves time sensitive paperwork, products being distributed to end users or goods that are required to run your business, getting your delivery is crucial.

Most companies take advantage of courier’s such as UPS and FedEx to assure timely delivery of these items. What many businesses do not realize is that these companies operate under contracts that outline specific guidelines and required deliverables just like any other service.

Worker’s Compensation Audits for Manufacturing and Agriculture

If your business is required to pay for worker’s compensation insurance, than you are aware that your premiums are audited each year. However, the audit that is conducted by an employee of the insurance carrier is to prevent undercharges that cost them money – not to save you money!