Simplicity is King

At U-TelAuditors we will evaluate your current bills, assess and document your overcharges, prepare and file your claim and collect what is rightfully owed to you from past accounting mistakes. We don’t stop there, with every client we take on, we are on a mission to provide as much savings as possible to your company. To ensure we get the absolute most savings, we’ll re-bundle your present contracts for future savings year after year. The only thing our clients are required to do is fill out a form that will allow us to represent you to your carriers and then simply send us three months of past utility bills.


Standing by Our Work

On average, we recover and reduce between 10% – 35% from the your utility billing costs. The most incredible part of work with us is our policy of Risk Free Audits! If we cannot reduce your costs, we do not get paid! It’s that simple, your company has nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Your utility electric and gas. Your telecom, waste, shipping, workers comp and merchant.

No! We begin the audit by obtaining copies of the 2 most recent invoices, a letter from your company authorizing us to speak to the utility providers.

Savings range between 10% – 35% or more, but we have recovered higher percentages and only rarely see lower.

An audit can go back 3 years or more, depending on the statutes.

Utility auditing is a very time intensive and detailed oriented task. It requires dedicated staff with specific up to date knowledge and experience with your state laws to do the job completely.

We specialize in analyzing telecommunications, IT, gas, electric, water, sewage, garbage and direct assessments.

There is no up front cost to you! We are paid only when we recover funds for you.

Depending on the number of locations, vendors, etc. to determine the length time. In general your initial savings will be identified within weeks and the entire audit should be completed in three to six months.

A utility consultant audits your utility bills looking for errors, overcharges and savings so you can collect what is rightfully owed to you from past mistakes.