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Telecommunication and IT Services



U-Tel auditors

Telecoms Audit

Water Bill Audit

U-TelAuditors will

Clarify your invoices

Identify errors

Spot contract overcharges

Find refund opportunities

Our fees

Our services are risk free. Since we work on a contingency basis if we don’t get you a credit refund you are not obliged to pay us.

The law entitles you

to a refund as far back as three years!

Electric and Gas Audit Services

With electric cost on a steady increase
and most experts forecasting to yet higher price hikes, your costly monthly bills are expected to soar.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able
to decipher their invoices and must depend on the integrity of their provider to be calculating their expenses accurately.

U-tel Auditors team of energy consultants
will conduct a comprehensive electric bill usage and rate analysis.

Our thorough knowledge of
utility rates tariffs, regulations, billing procedures contract negotiations and related technologies.


All this is done with a limited commitment on your part.

We show you the bottom-line

We show you bottom-line on how to save on your Electric and Gas Audit Services 

We show you bottom-line recommendations to save your company money and negotiate improvements on your behalf with these easy steps.

Supply us with a copy of your last few electric bills.

Our start up kit gives you the information

you need and the authority we need to get started.

We will review the details in your bill

to uncover errors and discover your usage patterns.

We will provide sound recommendations

and action items that will adjust your bill and save you money in the future.

We will then contact

your provider and arrange for a refund.

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