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U-TelAuditors LLC is a professional auditing corporation. Our team of experts has over 27 years of experience working as consultants for many of the same companies who provide you with your utilities today. We offer you our expertise to recover and reduce your expenses and add to your bottom line. Our services save our clients time, increase profits, and increase efficiency.

We recover and reduce between 10% – 55% or more from billing costs.

We are experts at reading contracts, allowing us to negotiate a better package for your company even if you are presently under contract with your provider.

We stay atop new laws voted in that can benefit our clients and apply the additional monies to their overhead costs.

We offer a risk free Audit With no up front costs. If we cannot reduce your costs, we do not get paid!

We find savings and overcharges in your bill and work with your provider to improve your rates and get a refund processed for past overcharges. 

The daily operations of most businesses keep you and your team busy, focusing on everything that must be done for the company to run smoothly. U-Tel Auditors team of experts can assist you by focusing on all of the little areas where improvements can be made. In today’s economy, a penny saved is truly a penny earned, and small monthly billing errors and improvements can add up to thousands of dollars in funds lost of gained by your business.

The easiest way to make more money is to cut costs.  Contact U-Tel Auditors for a no-cost review of your existing utility contracts and services today.



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