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In today’s world everyone depends on electricity. You depend on your utility provider to assure that you have it so that your business can function. It must be measured in a manner that allows for the provider to bill you for your exact usage – and they structure rate programs that provide you will a number of options on how you’re billed. But who set you up on the plan? Who double checks to be sure there is no better option? And who can understand the line items and mathematical calculations required to figure it all out? When you get your bill each month, you pay it because it just “is what it is” and it’s “a cost of doing business”, right?


Some 70% of business utility bills contain errors.* The rate program, tax and tariff structure, and demand profile that you are on all determine what your bill ultimately works out to be. A minute error of just $5 a day can add up to add up over the course of months and years to what can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Natural gas is a versatile energy that businesses depend on for a variety of reasons. Whether it is used for heating, cooking, medical purposes or as an integral part of the manufacturing process, natural gas plays an important role in all business operations. Similar to electricity, gas must be quantified in a manner that allows for the provider to bill you for your exact usage – and there are rate programs that can be more or less beneficial for your facility depending upon the volume that you require. Has your business grown? Has the nature of your operation changed? Who exactly put you on the plan you are on to begin with? With so many variables, it is difficult to know if you are taking advantage of the best possible program, billing structure and incentives available to your business.

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The deregulation of energy has provided new opportunities to save money and cut energy costs for today’s businesses. However, it has also created new challenges. Large companies now divert significant time and resources to assure they are deploying the most effective energy supply procurement strategy. Many small business owners still are not sure about what the best procurement strategy is for them; the advantages and disadvantages that can be realized in fixed vs. variable rate pricing, as well as the appropriate term to contract for.

U-Tel can assist companies of all sizes in better understanding the deregulated energy markets and how their business can take advantage of lower and/or fixed energy supply costs. In addition to consulting in this capacity, U-Tel performs detailed billing audits on current energy bills to identify errors on the present bills. U-Tel will then analyze contract options for electric and gas supply where these opportunities are available. The net benefit of both measures typically results in a significant reduction of energy costs and even a possible refund to the business.

As a result of our extensive involvement with utility providers in auditing energy nationwide, U-Tel has forged relationships with national energy suppliers. These partnerships afford U-Tel the unique opportunity to pass through volume pricing to our clients as an additional benefit of auditing with our firm. The best part is that we are compensated by the supplier, so the service will benefit your business at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Additionally, this relationship allows for U-Tel to further assist national businesses in consolidating their energy procurement to one supplier across multiple markets. This allows for businesses to take advantage of volume pricing that they are typically not afforded when going through a bid-based purchase process in each market.

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Being charged too much on your Water and Sewage bill is not unusual. We are able help you recover every over payment and make certain that your future Water and Sewage billing is accurate.U-TelAuditors will identify any upgrades you may be entitled to obtain.



Every company produces waste, but most owners and business managers do not understand how the types of waste that they produce cost, or can save, their business money. That’s right – intelligently structuring your waste removal services can result in a dramatic savings on your disposal costs.


Specialty waste services and recycling can create efficiency in your billing structure that you may not be presently taking advantage of. When it comes to disposal, there are a myriad of billing options including volume vs. weight based pricing, different types of pick-up and equipment, haul frequencies, etc. All of these are typically unfamiliar territory no matter what industry you are in. So who selected your equipment type, the frequency of your hauls, and your billing structure – your current provider? If so, then how are you certain that you are on the most efficient schedule?

A waste audit from U-Tel Auditors will not only assure accuracy in your billing, but recommend the appropriate or most efficient equipment and services. U-Tel has leveraged the volume of national accounts that we manage to forge a partnership with the biggest name in waste removal: Waste Management. Through this relationship U-Tel is able to pass on the savings of national volume to your business.

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Communication is the lifeline of a business. Whether a simple copper landline, a VoIP phone system, cellular service, basic internet, TV access or otherwise, Telecom keeps you connected. For that reason, it also keeps you paying! However, advances in the latest technology, simplification and consolidation of services and billing have created a world of opportunity and ways for you to drastically reduce your Telecom costs.

U-Tel Auditor’s team of telecommunication specialists is able to customize a cost savings analysis for your business. We can quickly and efficiently make sense of your telecom bills, then provide a cost-benefit analysis for you that will demonstrate the efficiency that we can create without sacrificing any services.

You see; most 3rd party telecom providers make money purchasing services at wholesale rates, implementing the services for the customer, and then selling them the services at a retail rate. Under this arrangement, your cost for the service will always stay above retail and so long as you have the service, the 3rd party provider will profit.


UTel Auditors has a different approach and philosophy. We actually pass on to you the true wholesale cost of the service to the client with no mark-ups or add ons. We charge a simple consulting fee which results in a tremendous monthly saving for you and the lowest possible price on your telecom service indefinitely. When you find out what the wholesale rate for your current service is you will be astonished.

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