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Utility expenses in Manufacturing often represent a major cost center for operations.  Being sure that you operate on the most efficient rate, tax and tariff structure for utility billing can represent thousands of dollars a month in savings– or in losses- if you are not set up correctly.  Deregulation has also exposed manufacturers to both opportunity and challenges in choosing the right strategy for the supply of energy and services.

U-Tel Auditors has represented single location manufacturers as well as Fortune 500 companies having as many as 400 locations in finding ways to reduce costs.

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Healthcare facilities and Hospitals are among the largest consumers of energy and utility services. High-tech medical equipment and life saving devices require substantial amounts of constant energy to work effectively. The need for emergency lines of communication and necessity to dispose of, and recycle, special medical waste also contribute to high operational costs.

U-Tel Auditors has worked with some of the nation’s largest Healthcare groups and Hospitals to reduce expenses by identifying and correcting common billing errors on their utility bills. Special rate and billing programs, tax and tariff structures and incentives mean that your facility may qualify for a better cost structure that your provider simply has no obligation or incentive to make you aware of.



Educational Institutions and Government Municipality audits are a very large undertaking. These operations can have literally thousands of meters under management, so only a highly experienced auditing firm with a proven system of organization should be trusted to thoroughly complete your review.

Working with some of the nations largest Universities and Fortune 500 manufacturers (some with more than 400 locations) has honed our skills in assisting facility managers, internal auditing and accounting departments, and energy engineers to identify, correct and obtain refunds on the errors in their utility bills.

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Religious organizations are often subject to a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to billing rate programs, tax and tariff structures. Utilities are no exception. Often times, however, the full benefit of these opportunities is not realized by the organization which results in the loss of much needed funds that could be put to good use elsewhere.

U-Tel Auditors is an expert in utility audit reviews for religious organizations. Our firm has represented hundreds of religious organizations nationwide in finding funds that are due to them as the result of having been incorrectly charged by their utility provider. Our exemplary record of successful audits with religious facilities has resulted in literally millions of dollars being refunded to our clients.

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Your Non-Profit Organization can use all of the money that it can get. For that reason utility providers, like the government, provide special incentives and benefits that your organization is entitled to. Being sure that your business is, and has been, receiving the breaks that it is entitled to is where U-Tel Auditors has been able to help.

Over the years we have assisted non-profit religious groups, nursing homes, hospitals and business to obtain hundreds of thousands in refunds from utility providers and service suppliers nationwide. Working with some of the top CFO’s and management teams in the country, we have developed a knack for finding errors, reducing operational expenses and getting money back for our non-profit clientele.

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In the hospitality industry profitability IS the bottom line. Your business must provide your guests with a comfortable atmosphere, television, phones and internet access. These commodities all come at a premium to your company, and you cannot cut these services to remain competitive. The only solution is to cut costs. That’s why businesses turn to the consultants at U-Tel Auditors to review their utility and service bills and contracts, and assure that they are receiving the best possible rates.



In the business of property management, your property income is often fixed. This means that there are only two true opportunities to increase the properties profitability; either you raise rents or you cut costs. Raising rents is a risky proposition that can leave you with higher vacancies as businesses and other clients choose lesser expensive units to lease. Many associations, property managers and property owners have turned to the experts at U-Tel Auditors to assist them in finding ways to reduce costs without reducing services.

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